Blue Brilliant AI follows the platform will allow for a play to earn and create to earn philosophy. These are two separate entities, but important to nonetheless. When it comes to play to earn, gaming launches on BRILL tokens to be given out to holders who play the game. In the same breath, if creators have gaming options such as special weapons, customized skins, etc. these are products on the gaming side that will be able to be won or bought for purchase using distinguish Blue Brilliant AI all with the mass profit-sharing in mind. On the create-to-earn side, our platform will offer a creative realm for even the most novice of NFT creators to advance their skills at creation and become the master of their own domain. Our sleek and clear shop where members will be able to post their products as well as buy and sell others will be fun to navigate, appealing to the eyes, but also profitable to those who post, buy, sell, and create.