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As our world evolves into an age of technologies such as blockchain, virtual and augmented reality, new kinds of human experience become possible and with them, tremendous emerging market opportunities. As blockchain-gaming becomes part of the mainstream, Blue Brilliant AI platform of creating and trading virtual objects will give developers, publishers and users superpowers to do new things.
Blue Brilliant.AI Mechanics - A microservice layer, the Blue Brilliant AI Platform aims to provide users with a full suite of blockchain-based tools and deliver dynamic end-user experience. Blue Brilliant AI Platform will be safe and convenient for selling, buying, trading, and creating virtual items to anyone, anywhere.
In and Out - Blue Brilliant AI platform will simplify bridging of these “dimensions of experience” — so it will be possible to play a game and win points, then redeem points for a virtual objects both in and out of game.
The Blue Brilliant AI platform will provide the building blocks for developers and publishers to create fully programmable, obtainable, digital goods that have real utility and monetary value, these goods are immune from fraud as all data will be hosted and stored on blockchain. Lowering the cost and time to create, the protocol reduces the complexity of blockchain applications and provides accessibility to developers. The Blue Brilliant AI technology stack will enable individual users and publishers alike to generate revenue from developing, selling, exchanging and redeeming digital objects and provide control over the authenticity, scarcity and the lifecycle of these objects.